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Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Garden Dragon Oak Tree Acorns

Garden Dragon Oak Tree. Acrylic on Canson paper, matted. Will fit an 8 X 10 inch frame.
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These little dragons are a challenge. Since I decided to paint them with no background, there is no room for error, no way to cover up any mistakes. I don't usually like to draw out the subject in pencil first, generally I just jump in with paint right away. With these, I have put down one light pencil mark where the stem of the flower, or the branch of a tree will be. I am enjoying the 'dry brush' technique. The black outlines are put in with a tiny paint brush that has only three hairs. Too much caffeine and this does NOT work well.

When deciding to do this series, I contemplated using a tiny marker or pen for the outlines... but that would be less of a challenge. This little three-hair brush and I are buds.


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