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Friday, February 16, 2007

Garden Dragon Hollyhocks

Garden Dragon Hollyhocks. Fourth painting in the "Garden Dragon" series. Acrylic on Canson paper. Matted and ready to frame. Will fit an 8 X 10 inch frame.
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I'm really having fun with these little dragons. The idea came to me several years ago, and although I did do a few paintings with tiny dragons in them, my thought had always been to do an entire series of them. I debated on what size I wanted them in, deciding on the smaller pieces that will fit an 8 X 10 inch frame. In a size like this, they would look great as a small grouping with two or more together.

The next decision was technique. I debated on making them realistic, to more abstract. I decided on a looser feel with a minimal amount of paint. I liked the lighter touch, almost a "lace" feel to it. As with any Garden Dragon, I believe that sometimes you really have to search to see them, the viewer adds a bit of their own imagination to the painting itself.


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