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Thursday, November 01, 2007

Lizard Pottery Vase One of A Kind

For more information or to purchase on Etsy: Click Here

Listing art for sale on-line can be a hit-and-miss situation. To be able to spread your work out over many different venues improves the odds of finding the right buyer for the right piece.

Over the years I have tried several venues, these are my current links and a short explanation of each.

I have sold my art through ebay since 1998 and over the years have sold over 1,000 pieces. Because Ebay does not count repeat business on their feedback system, for each new customer you only receive one positive feedback point. My feedback on Ebay = 694.
To see my artwork on Ebay: Click Here
I've been listing off and on with Artbyus since 2004. Their listing format is wonderful and I really love this site but their traffic tends to be low. My feedback score there = 10.
To see my artwork on Click Here
I have only been with Etsy about one week. They have an easy listing format and I really like the layout of the shops. I've had one sale there already. My feedback score there = 1.
To see my artwork on Click Here


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