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Monday, December 04, 2006

Frog As Still Life

"Frog As Still Life" Acrylic on Canson colored paper. Matted, will fit a 5 X 7 inch frame. $35.00 For more information or to purchase.... SOLD......

I have some nifty colored paper, made by Canson. It seems to work for my little "floating still-life's". I like the "texture' that the tweed color implies, and it helps me to focus on the little object without worrying too much about background.

Since this is a lighter weight paper than I usually use, I can't fall back on my over-use of washes. The distinct lines of the object and the starkness of using the paper itself as background does not allow for any boo-boo's at the edges of the subject.

With no room for mistakes it can be a little un-nerving when I know that each brush stroke, if placed wrong could send the little painting straight to the trash.



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