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Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Crow On Red Mini Painting ACEO Ree

Title: "Tommy"

Artist's Notes:
"Tommy flew onto our farm years ago, a scruffy half-grown crow. He was a sad little sight, he was thin and his feathers were ratty. When we first saw him, he had taken up with our flock of chickens, dining right beside our hens and gobbling up chicken food like it was caviar. The hens didn't seem to mind. Not sure why we came up with the name "Tommy", but from the first day, that was his name. That first summer, he grew fat and sassy and his feathers took on that beautiful purple/green in the sunshine.

The next summer he brought a wife, and although she wouldn't lower herself to dine with chickens, he would still visit when he saw the grain bucket out.

Tommy has been gone for years now, but his grandchildren (or perhaps they are great-grandchildren) often visit.

And once in awhile, if one is down on his luck... he will dine with chickens."
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