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Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Art Critic, Eclectus Parrot Mini Painting

Marty owns my art studio. It is his world, and I am lucky that he allows me to work there. Thankfully, he and I have the same taste in music, and he graciously shares my lunch with me. And for better or worse, he is an art critic.

He picks up on my moods, or perhaps it is the other way around? When the day's painting is going well, he bobs his head approvingly, and says "Pretty!!!" When the paint won't work right for me, he sadly says.... "oh, man...." and then usually interjects a laugh to lighten the mood. His running commentary, is sometimes appreciated. Sometimes not.

"What ya' doin'?" he asks.

"I'm painting, what does it look like I'm doing???" I reply.

He bursts out in laughter, and I growl "Oh what do you know, you are a big green bird with a huge orange nose!"

He tries to end the conversation with "Ooooooh, pretty bird!!! Pretty Marty!!! Pretty Pretty Pretty!!!"

I say "Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, pretty bird. But what do you think of this painting?"

He blows me a raspberry.

Art critics are seldom kind.


For more information or to purchase this mini painting: Click Here



Blogger T said...

This is precious. Our Billy Ray (male SI Eclectus) is so much the same. Funny how "Whatcha doin'?" is so common.

I love the artwork.

Best regards,
Tony Nodine
San Jose, CA

8:02 PM  

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